We make chakra bracelets and pendants with natural gemstone crystal beads on wires in the good ole U.S.A..  Our choices of crystals for our jewelry are purchased from reputable dealers. 

We put together the basic 7 and extended 13 chakra crystal sets. We also have instructions on how to measure a wrist for a bracelet, wearing and taking off our bracelets, and cleansing and re-energizing our chakra jewelry.

Crystal healing is a metaphysical subject where information on crystals can help on the wellness, protection, and healing of our body’s chakras, also known as energy centers. The chakras represent strength, creativity, emotion, love, communication, intellect, spirituality, and more. Crystals for chakras are also great for meditation, reiki, yoga, and other metaphysical activities. For more information on crystals, we suggest books written by Judy Hall who has a wide experience on natural healing methods and systems of divination.

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Disclaimer: The information in this website is not intended to act as medical treatment.  Crystals are made up of elements and can emit good energies.  Please consult a qualified crystal healing practitioner if you have any questions or doubts about crystal use.

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