We at ChakraWired peruse crystal books written by author Judy Hall to help us choose crystal beads for each chakra/energy center.  We don’t know Judy Hall personally but because she has a wide experience on natural healing methods and systems of divination, the information she shares on the subject is helpful for potential crystal healing.

Our operations are located in the U.S.A.. The crystal beads on the chakra jewelry we put together are natural and were purchased from reputable vendors.  All the beads are cleansed, re-energized, and activated for specific chakras.  Other crystal beads are added to fill in the bracelet outside the chakra beads are also cleansed.  The wires we use to bead the bracelets are a choice of stainless steel, brass, copper, and black-enameled copper.  The wire we use to put together the pendants is sterling silver.

The bracelets and pendants we assemble are of the 7-chakra system and the 13-chakra system.  The 7-chakra system is the basic arrangement.  The 13-chakra system has the same 7 basic chakra points plus 6 additional energy center categories in and around the body.  Please go to our Chakra page for more information.

We sell our chakra jewelry online at our Etsy store ChakraWired.

Disclaimer: The information in this website is not intended to act as medical treatment.  Crystals are made up of elements and can emit good energies.  Please consult a qualified crystal healing practitioner if you have any questions or doubts about crystal use.

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