Crystals in use need to be cleansed and re-energized each month in order to get rid of any negativity the crystals pick up.  Also, re-energizing the crystal beads is necessary to recharge its energies.  There are different ways in doing so.  Below is our favorite method (in sequence):

  1. Place the chakra jewelry under running water for a couple of minutes.
  2. Put the chakra jewelry under the sun or moon for at least four hours.
  3. Rest the chakra jewelry on your hand and face a natural light source, i.e. sun, moon.
  4. Raise your chakra jewelry towards the light source and say with
    positivity “May these crystals keep my chakras healthy.”
  5. Wear your chakra jewelry and enjoy!

Disclaimer: The information in this website is not intended to act as medical treatment.  Crystals are made up of elements and can emit good energies.  Please consult a qualified crystal healing practitioner if you have any questions or doubts about crystal use.
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